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Additive for diesel engines AdBlue

The additive "AdBlue" is used as an additional working fluid (reagent) in vehicles with diesel engines using the SCR system. The SCR technology is based on the injection of a reagent under high pressure into the catalytic converter of exhaust gases, into the exhaust gas stream, as a result of the application of this technology, nitrogen oxides in the exhaust of diesel engines turn into harmless substances - water and nitrogen. The additive is not an additive that is poured into a fuel tank – a separate container is provided for it. The "AdBlue" reagent comes into contact only with exhaust gases.

AdBlue consumption in cars is 5-6% of diesel fuel consumption, depending on the type of car.

According to the requirements regulated by the Euro-6 norm and EU legislation, the maximum value of nitrogen oxide emissions into the atmosphere should not exceed 400 mg/kWh. According to EU directives, all trucks with a tonnage of more than 3.5 tons should be equipped with SCR technology.

The requirements for the AdBlue reagent are determined by the international standard ISO 22241 or German DIN70070. In Russia, these standards comply with GOST R ISO 22241. The AdBlue trademark belongs to the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA).

Advantages of using the AdBlue reagent

  • A significant reduction in the level of atmospheric pollution as a result of the use of diesel engines on special equipment and trucks. Many models of heavy vehicles are equipped with unique systems that limit engine power or give an error in the absence of "AdBlue".
  • A significant reduction in diesel fuel consumption, which leads to a reduction in costs with intensive use of transport.

Storage conditions

The reagent "AdBlue" does not require special storage conditions. It is required to observe the temperature regime: the storage temperature should not exceed 30 ° C (hydrolytic cleavage may occur with the release of ammonia) and should not be lower than -11.5 ° C (the crystallization process begins). The additive does not ignite.

Terms of purchase

Our company is ready to organize wholesale and small-scale wholesale supplies of AdBlue both in Russia and for export.

For purchase, please call +7 495 232-52-42, +7 991 232-52-42 (WhatsApp, Telegram) or email: [email protected].