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Casing-head gasoline (stable natural gasoline)

Casing-head gasoline (stable natural gasoline) is a product of associated petroleum gas processing, a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons C3-C6 and higher. It is a flammable liquid, fire and explosive, of the 4th class of toxicity.
Depending on the composition of the raw materials, the technology for producing Casing head gasoline and its physical and chemical properties, two brands of gasoline are established: light and heavy.
The density of stable gasoline at a temperature of 15 °C is approximately 0.65 g/cm³.

Casing head gasoline use

Casing-head gasoline is used as a pyrolysis feedstock for petrochemical plants and organic synthesis plants, feedstock for central gas fractionation plants, as well as for compounding motor gasoline.

Purchase terms

Our company is ready to organize wholesale and small-scale wholesale deliveries of Casing head gasoline both in Russia and for export.

For purchase, please call +7 495 232-52-42 or email: [email protected].