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Filtration-control agent

Filtration-control agent is a high-tech product of drilling petrochemistry used to strengthen the wellbore; it is mainly used in porous soils to prevent the absorption of drilling mud by the formation.

Application of a filtration-control agent

The use of drilling fluids in oil production makes the drilling process more efficient and safer. To prevent the absorption of drilling fluids into the soil, various bridging agents are used - these are substances that plug the free space inside the rock on the surfaces of the well. The effect of using a filtration control agent is, in most cases, positive.


Depending on the density of the drilling mud, various filtration-control agent are used:

  • fibrous
  • scaly
  • granular
  • columnar

For drilling operations, an acid-soluble filtration-control agent is often used - calcium carbonate, which is repeatedly crushed by a mechanical method. The mortar with the addition of marble chips is characterized by an increased specific gravity; therefore, it more effectively resists the mechanical pressure exerted by the soil layers close to the well.

Purchase terms

Our company is ready to organize wholesale and small-scale wholesale deliveries of filtration-control agents both in Russia and for export.

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