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Fuel additives

Fuel additives are used to improve the combustion process of fuel, increase the octane or cetane number of the fuel, for higher fuel compression, or act as inhibitors of corrosion or oxidation of lubricants.


MMA (monomethylaniline, extralin)  is a highly effective octane booster additive.


Chemical formula: C7H9N
International name: N-methylaniline
CAS: 100-61-8

Appearance: oily transparent liquid with a persistent pronounced odor of aromatic amino compounds.

When adding 1.5% of the mass. N-methylaniline the octane number of a mixture of isooctane and normal heptane, taken in a ratio of 70:30 by volume, increases by at least 6 units.


  • Compared to other octane-boosting additives, MMA requires seven times less, which allows to reduce transport costs and increase competitiveness;
  • 1% of the additive from the total volume increases the octane number from 8 to 10 units, depending on the original product;
  • with the correct use of monomethylaniline, premium 95 gasoline is obtained;
  • the product allows to reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere during combustion, reduces fuel consumption by 5-6%;
  • with the addition of an additive, gasoline becomes more stable, which means that the choice of the end consumer will fall on him.

Application area

The main task of monomethylaniline is to obtain the necessary detonation properties of gasoline during its production. The addition of MMA additive to the fuel regulates the octane number of the product and its environmental friendliness. These two factors have made N-methylaniline one of the most popular multifunctional additives. MMA can be used as an independent component for gasoline, as well as used for the production of multifunctional fuel additive compositions for gasoline.


Name Research Method Standard
Appearance visual inspection light yellow oily liquid
Colour, № Gas chromatography, normalization method SH/TO168
Relative density (15–4 °С) 0,987–0,994
N-methylaniline purity, % > 99,00
N, N-dimethylaniline, % < 0,50
Aniline, % < 0,3
Water content, % < 0,20

Purchase terms

Our company is ready to organize wholesale and small-scale wholesale supplies of fuel additives both in Russia and for export.

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