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NGL (natural gas liquids)

NGL — liquefied petroleum gas, which is a product of processing of associated petroleum gas and gas condensate.

NGL is widely used as a raw material for the production of rubber, plastic, ethanol, solvents, components of high-octane gasolines. The separation of NGL into its constituent components - individual hydrocarbons - takes place in gas fractionation units (GFC).

Various products can be obtained from NGL in the process of gas fractionation. It can be propane or butane, as well as a propane-butane mixture (SPBT, or technical propane-butane mixture). Also, by separating NGLs, technical butane and technical propane, automotive propane (PA) or a mixture of PBA (automotive propane-butane), isobutane and isobutylene, pentane, isopentane are obtained.

Purchase terms

Our company is ready to organize wholesale and small-scale wholesale deliveries of NGL both in Russia and for export.

For purchase, please contact by phone +7 495 232-52-42, +7 991 232-52-42 (WhatsApp, Telegram) or email:  [email protected].