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LPG Propane/Butane mixture

LPG Propane/Butane mixture - is one of the main types of gas fuel. It is a mixture of two gases - propane and butane. Under normal conditions, propane-butane is in a gaseous state, and with a slight increase in pressure, it turns into a liquid state.

At low temperatures, gas with a higher propane content is used, at higher temperatures, butane is used. This is due to the fact that propane retains its liquid consistency at temperatures down to -42 °C, while for butane this temperature is only -0.05 °C. The use of butane in the mixture is justified by its higher combustion temperature.

In climates in which the temperature of the air or ground on which the containers with gas are installed falls below -20 °C, LPG Propane/Butane mixture is used, in which the proportion of propane is at least 75%. Two types of mixtures are also used in automobile fuel - winter and summer. Summer mixture - about 50% propane, winter - up to 90% propane.

LPG Propane/Butane mixture use:

The main use of LPG Propane/Butane mixture is for household needs, use as a vehicle fuel, use as a raw material for the synthesis of organic compounds. The main industrial consumers of LPG Propane/Butane mixture are enterprises of the chemical, petrochemical and tire industries.

The use of LPG Propane/Butane mixture is not only economically profitable, but also more environmentally friendly compared to the use of gasoline, diesel fuel or fuel oil.

Composition of LPG Propane/Butane mixture

Each of the gas components has a certain boiling point, so the vapor pressure of the LPG Propane/Butane mixture depends on both the temperature and its component composition.

The composition of LPG Propane/Butane mixture is regulated by GOST 27578-87 “Liquefied hydrocarbon gases for road transport. Specifications". The standard provides for two grades of gas: winter - PA (automobile propane) and summer - PBA (automobile propane-butane). The PA grade contains (85 ± 10)% propane, the PBA grade contains (50 ± 10)% propane, the rest is butane and no more than 6% of unsaturated hydrocarbons.

Purchase terms

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