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Oil additives

Oil additives are used to enhance the positive natural properties of the base oil or to impart the necessary new properties to it, including improving the detergent and dispersant properties.


 Detersol-140  is an alkyl salicylate additive used to improve the detergent and dispersant properties of motor oils.


Detersol-140 is an alkyl salicylate additive, is a colloidal dispersion of calcium carbonate stabilized with calcium alkyl salicylate.

Hazard class. Detersol-140 is a flammable oily liquid; during storage, contact with open flame is not allowed. The additive refers to low-hazard substances in terms of the degree of impact on the human body, subject to the rules of handling.

Storage and transportation  is carried out in accordance with GOST 1510-84 (with the addition of clause 6 2 of the current TU).

Application area

The additive Detersol-140 is used for the preparation of motor oils of the following groups: C, D, D, E, serves to improve the detergent-dispersing properties of oils.


Indicator name 

TU norms

Kinematic viscosity at 100 oC, mm2/s, no more


Total base number, mg KOH/g, not less


Flash point, determined in an open crucible, оС, not lower


Mass fraction of mechanical impurities,%, no more


Mass fraction of water, %, no more


Induction period of sedimentation in the DK-2 device in M-11 oil according to TU 38.101523-80 with 6% additive, h, not less


Mass fraction of sulphated ash,%, no more


Mass fraction of active substance (calcium alkyl salicylate and calcium carbonate),%, not less


Oil solubility


Purity degree, mg/100g of additive, no more


Color on a colorimeter with a dilution ratio of 5:95, CNT units, no more


Purchase terms

Our company is ready to organize wholesale and small-scale wholesale supplies of additives to oils both in Russia and for export.

For purchase, please call +7 495 232-52-42, +7 991 232-52-42 (WhatsApp, Telegram) or email: [email protected].