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Tar is the residue formed during the distillation of oil after distillation of light and most of the heavy fractions at atmospheric pressure and under vacuum of fractions boiling up to 450-600 °C (depending on the nature of the oil). The tar yield is from 10 to 45% of the oil mass. Its structure is a black viscous mass or a black solid asphalt-like product with a shiny fracture.

Composition of tar

Tar contains paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic hydrocarbons (45-95%), asphaltenes (3-17%), as well as petroleum resins (2-38%), adsorbed by silica gel from the deasphalted product. The ash content of tar is usually less than 0.5%. Elemental composition (% by mass): 85-87 C, 9.3-11.8 N, 0.2-6.3 S, 0.2-0.7 N, 0.08-1.25 O. Moreover, almost all metals present in oil are concentrated in tar; so, the V content can reach 0.046%, Ni - 0.014%. Depending on the nature of oil and the degree of extraction of gas oil fractions, the tar density is from 0.95 to 1.03 g/cm³, coking capacity is from 8 to 26% by weight, the melting point is from 12 to 55 °C, and the flash point. from 290 to 350 °C.

Application of tar

Tar is used for the production of road, roofing and construction bitumen, low ash coke, lubricating oils, combustible gases and motor fuels. Tar has a wide range of applications, it is used for the production of road, roofing and construction bitumen, low ash coke, motor oil, combustible gas, etc.


Tar grades: SB 20/40, SB 40/60

SB 20/40 possesses high technical indicators and proven quality. It acts as one of the main components for the production of road bitumen, which are further used for the construction and repair of roadways. The product is manufactured in a factory based on refined petroleum products.

SB 40/60 serves as a basis for the production of road and roofing bitumen. This material remains after oil refining and has all the required viscosity parameters. This material is supplied in bulk to any region of the country. Its delivery is carried out using specialized transport.

Purchase terms

Our company is ready to organize wholesale and small-scale wholesale deliveries of tar both in Russia and for export.

For purchase, please call +7 495 232-52-42, +7 991 232-52-42 (WhatsApp, Telegram) or email: [email protected].